I’m James Mentor.

My journey from lost college kid to a highly-skilled enterprise leader, father, entrepreneur, and investor in just 5 years.

13 years ago, I graduated from University with a Bachelors in International Business / Finance focus. I picked up Sales, Business development and a few securities licenses (SEC) along the way. That led me into tech, digital marketing, and SaaS.

I’ve since quadrupled my net worth, my market value (skills and experience) and…

Today I’m proud to say I’ve helped 3 multi-million dollar Software companies reach success through acquisitions, additional funding rounds, 8x revenue growth. I’ve also had the privilege of helping hundreds of small business owners in the Home Improvement, Real Estate, Non Profit, and Finance sectors transform into the digital age through my 6 figure digital agency in just the last 5 years.

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I’ve organized this blog to help new business owners, young professionals, solo-preneurs, marketers, senior leaders, board members and anyone looking to add real economic value to their everyday lives.

Pay close attention to some of the stories and ideas shared in this blog.

Most of them follow a pattern I’ve used habitually to build mindset, skills, habits and ultimately success in various key life and business categories.

This isn’t a self help blog or a business strategy blog – it’s a growth blog.

Leverage the knowledge collected here to understand the mindset, tactics and strategies I continue to use to grow in any market condition, no matter where I am in the world.